Death of a Salesman

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As seen in the title, this book is about the death of a salesman. This book is written as a play which consists of two acts. It does not have much eventful plots and is a really simple story. The setting of this book is in the America, where the protagonist Willy Loman chase after the ‘American Dreams’. Willy Loman has a family and a “frienemy” who is willing to help and support him. However, Willy is a delusional and prideful man. His pride and delusions will eventually led him to his own suicide.

Read more to find out what happened that cause the protagonist’s suicide!


Well, I cannot say that I like this book, but neither I do not hate it. I feel that this work has its own beauty in showing the love of a father and the commitment the protagonist is willing to do to be a role-model for his sons. In my opinion, the protagonist is not just delusional and prideful, he is also naive and caring. Even though he has the wrong believe in the path to success, no one can deny the effort he put in trying to lead his sons on the way to success as a salesman. Probably because his father abandoned him when he was young, he do not know how to guide his sons to being successful. He could only use reference from other salesman, seeing how ‘well-liked” they are and try to follow their footsteps. It is quite sad that he cannot see the efforts his role model has put in to attain the level of success and being well-liked. After reading the book, I think i could understand more about a father’s love and I empathize with the protagonist’s failure and death.

Even though this book has not got a great story plot with climax, the characters were very well built. I find that the characterization is very well done as I can pick up their character traits through the little actions and the words they speak. I would say that this book is rich in literature.


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