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Mystic Messenger

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Mystic messenger is an otome game that is available on smartphones, produced by a Korean company, Cheritz. This otome game creates a platform for girls to experience love stories through interactive messaging app via receiving phone calls and texts. Once you start playing,you will be chatting with someone with the nickname “Unknown”. This person will try to lead you to go to some studio apartment, and lead you to joining this organisation RFA. Through the game you will be able to ‘date’ 5 characters. The characters are (from left to right):
– Zen
– YooSung
– Jumin
– Seven
– Jaehee

It will only be revealed to you of the character you will be ‘dating’ on the fifth day, and you have to earn as much ‘hearts’ of the character as possible in order to play the route of your choice in the first four days. Depending on your flow of your game, you will arrive at a ending on the 11th day.


I find this game really interesting in terms of how it is designed. Well, this game has visual novel features included, therefore I would like to consider this as a visual novel. As i mentioned in the synopsis, the game is designed as an interactive messaging app and I get to interact with other characters. However, the game is designed similarly to a visual novel, you do not get to reply the messages like the way you usually do; you have to choose from the list of replies they provide. I really like the way this game is designed.

The character design of each characters is really suit my style too! The character design is details and the characters’ background story is also set nicely.  I really enjoyed myself in the 11 days each character provide me! Every character has a different personality and different story to tell. I am deeply attracted to the different charms the different character portrays. To be really truthful, the characters and the stories never fails to make my heart race, especially when I receive calls from the characters ( the characters have a group of really cool voice actors!) However, I feel that the plot of the story is not very well built. After all, 11 days is a little too rushed for someone to deeply fall in love or even get engaged. But, overall, I still love the game as it has kept me entertained for quite sometime!

My favorite Route is probably Jaehee’s (the first character from the right in the image). Jaehee’s route is one of the most light hearted ones, but I think that the pace of Jaehee’s story is the most appropriate one. Also, I love Jaehee’s characterization. She is a very organised and caring character. She has the qualities that I’d look out for in my future partner! Through Jaehee’s story, I learnt that life is about living everyday to your fullest. I should focus on finding myself (and not neglecting the people around me) and lead a life that I will be happy with. The world is full of colors, i shouldn’t paint my life with a single color.

In my opinion, Seven’s route has the darkest story out of all the characters. As I played his route, I came to realize that there may be other people out there who has a very sad background. I came to fully understand the implications of the idiom, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, that one cannot simply decide others’ personality and the meaning of their action without fully understanding the whole story and rationale.

Jumin has taught me that money is powerful, but it cannot buy you everything in life; Yoosung has made me understand that one should cherish the present and do not cling on to the past; Zen allows me to realize that the world is full of scheming people who is hungry for fame and one should not believe in rumors that we heard. I believe I have learnt and grew up quite a lot through this game 🙂

This game is dependent on the time in real world, so if you are someone who cherish sleep, I strongly do not recommend you to play the game! However if you are truly interested, you could download and play the game.

Death of a Salesman

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As seen in the title, this book is about the death of a salesman. This book is written as a play which consists of two acts. It does not have much eventful plots and is a really simple story. The setting of this book is in the America, where the protagonist Willy Loman chase after the ‘American Dreams’. Willy Loman has a family and a “frienemy” who is willing to help and support him. However, Willy is a delusional and prideful man. His pride and delusions will eventually led him to his own suicide.

Read more to find out what happened that cause the protagonist’s suicide!


Well, I cannot say that I like this book, but neither I do not hate it. I feel that this work has its own beauty in showing the love of a father and the commitment the protagonist is willing to do to be a role-model for his sons. In my opinion, the protagonist is not just delusional and prideful, he is also naive and caring. Even though he has the wrong believe in the path to success, no one can deny the effort he put in trying to lead his sons on the way to success as a salesman. Probably because his father abandoned him when he was young, he do not know how to guide his sons to being successful. He could only use reference from other salesman, seeing how ‘well-liked” they are and try to follow their footsteps. It is quite sad that he cannot see the efforts his role model has put in to attain the level of success and being well-liked. After reading the book, I think i could understand more about a father’s love and I empathize with the protagonist’s failure and death.

Even though this book has not got a great story plot with climax, the characters were very well built. I find that the characterization is very well done as I can pick up their character traits through the little actions and the words they speak. I would say that this book is rich in literature.

Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail is an anime about the fictional world of Earth-land that is full of wizards. These wizards coalesce into guilds to hone their magical abilities so that they could apply it on the jobs request they take on. The 17 years old wizard Lucy Heartfilia wants to live her own life and decided to join the guild, Fairy Tail, not knowing how is she going to do that. “Coincidentally”, she met Natsu Dragneel, a member of Fairy Tail, while Natsu is busy looking for his foster father, that is a dragon. Natsu is a wizard with magical abilities of a dragon; he is also known as dragon slayer. Lucy then formed a team with
Natsu and his cat-like companion, that was later joined by an ice wizard Gray Fullbuster and an armored wizard Erza Scarlet. Together as a team, they go on many different adventures and learn more about secrets behind their identity.

To find out more, please read the manga or watch the anime!

My Reviews

Fairy Tail is still an on-going series and I am currently waiting and chasing after its manga and anime. However, it is definitely one of my favorite work!

Well, I cannot deny that this piece of work overuses plot armor, and overwhelmed with cliche, but I still love this work. Yes yes, the protagonists do not die, they somehow became very strong after their “defeat” and manage to pull it off. However, the overuse of plot armor tries to prove that the power of friendship has a huge impact on the people around us. Of course I agree that the power of friendship is really great, and I think that we can all learn to depend on our friends that will always be there for us. Fairy Tail not only teaches me the importance of friendship, it also teaches me different aspects of friendship like:

“You don’t die for your friends, you live for them”

Erza Scarlet

This quote implies that a friend should not be someone who is willing to die for you, but someone who will continue living life to the fullest and live out your part of life. This quote makes me reconsider the qualities that a friend should possess. It also teaches me other kinds of values, for example:

“Freedom can be found at the bottom of your heart.” – Rob

Everyone has a different idea of freedom, and whether if you obtain freedom, depends on your definition of freedom that you longed in your heart. I came to a realization that the only person who can free us from the “burden” is ourselves.

In my opinion, this work has a nice level of comedy that entertains me and made my day. The adult characters lacks maturity, and it is exactly the selling point of the comical scenes in the work. I really enjoy seeing the funny actions of the characters. You can say that this work is in a sense, light-hearted. However, the work never fail to evoke my hype to wishing the character all the best in their battles. Perhaps, the characterization of the characters are not very well built, but I think it is the childishness of the characters that supplies the work the funny elements.

I really like how all the ship names are developed as the story progresses. I think that the hint of romance is progressing in a comfortable pace and its really engaging. As a fan, I enjoy the moments where the characters grow intimate to one another. Even though romance is not included in one of the genres, I can still witness the sense of intimacy the characters share with one another.

Of course, nothing is perfect; everything has their flaws. It is both the flaws and the strength of this piece of work makes it so beautiful. Even though Fair Tail is not perfect, I am deeply drawn to its ability to deliver surprisingly touching moments and some level of satisfaction as they pull through their predicaments.



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